Socktopus Ink is focused on reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in the oceans every day! We do that by manufacturing eco-friendly socks made with fibers created from 100% recycled plastic and by educating our youth for a cleaner tomorrow.

Our Story

We think of our company as a cycle to make change.
  • The socks are our way of cleaning our environment, preventing plastic from getting in the ocean.
  • Our characters help educate and inspire the future of our environment (our youth) to make the change that is desperately needed.
  • Our supporters, YOU, who buy our socks. That means: the more socks we sell, more plastic is kept away from the oceans!
Notice the chain reaction? It all starts with your support and a purchase of a pair of Socktopus Ink socks!

Our Crew

Socktopus Ink - our crew