• What is Socktopus Ink?
  • Socktopus Ink is a brand that is trying to create cleaner oceans for future generations. Located and founded in San Diego, California, Socktopus Ink focuses on ocean conservation and general global climate awareness to set ourselves on a path toward a cleaner tomorrow, today.  Our current mission is to “save the ocean, one sock at a time.” Our first product line of bright, playful, and quirky socks are manufactured using upcycled materials so that every purchase from Socktopus Ink prevents a plastic bottle from making its way into one of the world’s oceans. 

    We know that no one is too small to make a difference. That’s why we’re working to inspire millions to take a stand for our oceans and to make a difference in any way possible. By creating a proprietary upcycled material, called repreve, out of plastic bottles, we are helping people make an impact through their Socktopus Ink purchase. This special recycled material is then blended with nylon and spandex to create our final sock designs that are bright and colorful—making them perfect for our customers of any age. From babies to adults, we believe that no one is too young to help fight for the future of our planet. 


  • What are ocean-conscious socks?
  •  Socktopus Ink was founded with the mission to help protect our planet. Right now, we’re working to do that—one pair of socks at a time. That’s why our primary focus is on creating our socks that are made with protecting the ocean and its inhabitants in mind. By using upcycled polyester in each of our designs, we are working toward keeping plastic out of our oceans. We’ve developed our own custom material, repreve, that is made from upcycled plastic—giving it a second life while also preventing more bottles from entering into landfills or the ocean. 

    In addition to the upcycled materials used to create our socks, our lovable and fun characters provide an opportunity to help start the conversation with children on the importance of reducing our carbon footprint. Our socks come in a range of sizes that fit everyone from babies to toddlers to adults, to help open the dialogue between different generations. With a quirky cast of characters like Bobtopus the Octopus, Finley the Shary, and Bubbles the Whale, we’re trying to make saving the planet playful for customers of any age. The bright color palette, the playful design details, and the comfortable construction mean that our socks are products that you can feel good about buying, and will also feel good wearing. 


  • What sizes do your socks come in?
  • If you are over the age of 6 months old, we probably have a sock that will fit you! At Socktopus Ink, our goal is to help parents start the conversation with their children about protecting the planet. To help them do that, we’ve crafted our product in a full range of sizes for every age, from babies to adults. We specifically offer socks in baby, toddler, kid, young adult, and adult sizes so that anyone can wear our products. 

    Baby sock sizes: 1 - 6

    Toddler sock sizes: 7 - 10

    Kids sock sizes: 11 - 1

    Young adult sock sizes: 2 - 5

    Adult sock sizes: One-size-fits-most

    Whatever the size, our socks are all made up of an upcycled material called repreve. This special fiber is made from recycled plastic water bottles—which means, that instead of ending up in the ocean, the bottles end up on your feet. It’s the perfect way for people of any age to do their part to stop plastic pollution. Choose to get matching pairs for the entire family in a range of sizes, or get a pack with multiple different designs. Whatever you choose, your contribution will help us work towards our goal to clean our oceans and make a brighter future for children everywhere. 

  • Do you make socks for adults?
  • Yes, we make our Socktopus Ink socks for customers of every age. We have created our products in a range of different sizes to fit babies, toddlers, kids, young adults, and adults, too. And our playful cast of characters isn’t available just for children—they are also available in one-size-fits-most adult sock sizes. For women, our one-size-fits-most style usually fits foot sizes 6 to 9, while for men it usually fits between sizes 7 to 10. Choose from our designs that feature Bobtopus the Octopus, Finley the Shark, and Bubbles the Whale—our trio of cartoon characters—for designs that are playful and fun.

    Whether for children or adults, our socks are all made from a proprietary blend of fabrics. We’ve worked to develop our own material, called repreve, that is developed from recycled plastic. The repreve material is then blended with nylon and spandex to create the final material for our socks. That way, all of our customers can feel good knowing that they look great in their socks, and are also making a positive change for the environment. No one person is too small to make a difference—purchase your Socktopus Ink socks today to help protect our planet for future generations. 


  • What are your socks made out of?
  • We’re on a mission to save the oceans, one pair of socks at a time. We’ve worked to develop an innovative and custom material that reuses plastic in a new and creative way—and each pair of Socktopus Ink socks are made out of a proprietary fabric blend that is helping to protect our planet’s oceans. We use a specially made, upcycled polyester material, called repreve and created by Unify, as the main fabric in all of our designs. This special material is created by taking plastic water bottles and upcycling them into a synthetic fiber. From there, we blend it with a mix of nylon and spandex to create our final fabric. That fabric is then used to create each of our Socktopus Ink sock designs. The material breakdown of our socks is 85% upcycled polyester, 13% nylon, and 2% spandex.

    Instead of using traditional polyester, we have made it our mission to step up for a cleaner tomorrow, today. By reusing and upcycling plastic in a new way, we’re hoping to show our customers that even a small change can make a difference. Every action counts when working towards a brighter future, and our goal is to inspire millions around the world to take action. 


  • Do all your socks have grip on the bottom?
  • At Socktopus Ink, we create products that are perfect for customers of any age. That’s why we’ve outfitted our baby and toddler socks with a grip on the bottom of each pair to help increase safety. Our products of other sizes do not come with a grip on the bottom.

    Whether with or without grips, each pair of our socks also features one of our characters for a fun take on our eco-friendly values. Bobtopus the Octopus, Finley the Shark, and Bubbles the Whale are our cartoon characters that help parents introduce the topic of pollution and recycling in a stress-free and fun way.

    We offer our products in a range of sizes: Baby, toddler, kids, young adults, and adults. All of our socks are made from a proprietary blend of materials and with our own special fabric called repreve that is made from upcycled plastic. All of our socks, including the designs with grips on the bottom, are made from 85% repreve, 13% nylon, and 2% spandex. This blend of materials means that the socks aren’t just made from recycled fibers, but also that they are the perfect blend of stretch and support to make them comfortable enough to wear all day. 


  • Are your socks really made out of water bottles?
  • Every Socktopus Ink purchase prevents a plastic bottle from making it to the oceans. That’s because all of our Socktopus Ink socks are made using upcycled polyester. Polyester is a man-made fiber that is created from f polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, a plastic that is derived from crude oil. Instead of depending on the drilling-sands extraction of oil and the creation of new plastic that is typical for polyester products, we have replaced that dependency by using plastic. All of our products are made from fibers that are created from recycled water bottles. In the manufacturing process, we turn the plastic into a fiber that we then use to create the final sock design. This prevents the plastic from reaching the ocean—and helps us created a better and brighter future for our planet.

    All of our socks are made from 85% repreve, 13% nylon, and 2% spandex so that they are both eco-friendly and comfortable to wear all day. They also feature a grip on the bottom to increase safety and the colorful and fun designs are perfect for both children and adults of any age. Purchase your own pair of Socktopus Ink socks for a product that is bright, colorful, and quirky and also supports the protection of our planet’s oceans.

  • What is the Ink Tank?
  • We believe that the Ink Tank is where innovation and creativity thrive. The Ink Tank is the place where the Socktopus Ink team comes together to ideate new solutions and products to help expand the awareness of our mission. We place a strong value on creativity, imagination, and thinking outside of the box, so we created the Ink Tank as a place for our team members to brainstorm without boundaries and be the visionaries that we need to save our planet. 

    When purchasing a pair of Socktopus Ink socks, our customers are supporting the Ink Tank and our mission and process towards building a brighter future for our planet. Thanks to their continued support, we are working towards developing new designs, playful patterns, and expanding our overall product offerings to contribute even more to saving our oceans. If you would like to stay up-to-date with our newest products and our product development, subscribe to our updates and follow us on social media. We are always working to make a difference—through the Ink Tank and more—and would love to have as many customers follow along on our journey as possible. Join us in helping to protect our planet’s oceans, each and every day!


  • When will your socks be made available?
  • We are currently manufacturing our first wave of socks with our first characters, Bobtopus the Octopus, Finley the Shark, and Bubbles the Whale. As of now, our first release is scheduled to be available in June of 2020. This delivery will be made available exclusively for backers of our Kickstart campaign and our pre-order customers. If you are interested in being notified when our newest products become available, subscribe to our updates and follow us on social media.

    All of the socks in our first wave uphold our greater mission: To help keep the ocean clean, one pair of socks at a time. At Socktopus Ink, our mission is to deliver a positive message to children and parents and to help inform everyone that a cleaner future is in their hands. Every pair of socks purchased prevents a water bottler from entering the ocean. That’s because we make our socks using a special fiber, called repreve, that is made from upcycled plastic. 

    Our goal is to empower current and future generations to make a difference—and no difference is too small. We want to set a precedent and lead by example, giving our customers the chance to make an impact by purchasing our ocean-conscious socks for themselves, their children, and their friends. 


  • How much do your socks cost?
  • Our Socktopus Ink socks have been created for all different sizes and ages. Currently, all of our socks are sold in sets. We offer packs of two and three, depending on the size you’re looking for. Our current pricing is:


    Baby and Toddler socks: $19.99 for three pairs

    Kids and Young Adult socks: $25.99 for three pairs

    Adult socks: $14.99 for one pair


    All of our sets feature three different characters: Bobtopus the Octopus, Finley the Shark, and Bubbles the Whale. Each pack features a mix of the characters to create playful and fun options for everyday wear. Our characters inspire everyone who wears our socks to put their best foot forward and help save the ocean, one sock at a time.

    Each day when you put on a pair of the Socktopus Ink socks, you can also feel proud that you are supporting a mission-driven company. Our goal is to protect our planet’s oceans from pollution, which is why we make ocean-conscious socks that are soft, quirky, and comfortable—and that also preventing plastic bottles from making their way into our oceans. Every pair of socks is made from 85% repreve, which is a fiber made by upcycling plastic water bottles. Instead of ending up in the ocean, they end up in our socks to stop plastic pollution and give you unique socks to wear every day. 

  • Do you ship internationally?
  • Yes! We provide global shipping options. Our mission to fight for our oceans isn’t limited to just one place or country. We’re proud to provide worldwide shipping for our customers so that anyone, anywhere can join our fight against plastic pollution. Our goal is to help people everywhere step up for tomorrow, today, and we’re happy to help people do that around the world. By spreading our cause to the far reaches of the world through our playful socks, we hope that we can get millions of people to help make a difference against plastic pollution. Every change, no matter how small, makes a difference—including purchasing a pair of Socktopus Ink socks.

    At Socktopus Ink, we’re a mission-driven company that is fighting back against the plastic in our oceans. Though we are based in San Diego, California, we are working with customers around the world to realize our ultimate goal: cleaner oceans for everyone, and especially younger generations. By developing socks that help prevent more plastic bottles from entering into our waters, we hope to build a community that is working together to protect our planet. Our company and our customers think carefully and thoughtfully about the products they purchase to protect our future.


  • Where are your socks made?
  • Socktopus Ink is based in the United States, in San Diego, California. We design all our products in the United States and our fabric provider, Unify, is also a United States-based organization. The production and assembly of all of our socks are done internationally in China. Though we are an American company, we are proud to offer international shipping options for our customers to ensure that anyone around the world can join our cause and support us by preventing more plastic from being added to our planet’s oceans.

    We’ve worked closely with Unify to develop a specially made, upcycled fabric—called repreve—that is made by taking plastic water bottles, breaking them down, and turning it into a unique fiber. This fiber is then woven into a fabric to make our products. Each pair of Socktopus Ink socks is made from 85% repreve, 13% nylon, and 2% spandex—and our kids’ and baby socks also feature grips on the bottom—to create a design that is comfortable and safe to wear, while also promoting our eco-friendly mission. The colorful cartoon designs are a playful option for both children and adults, bridging the gap between generations and helping people of all ages come together to work towards a world with cleaner oceans. 


  • What characters are available?
  • Our sock designs aren’t just helping to save our planet’s oceans—they’re also a playful, colorful, and fun way to get dressed every morning. To help build engagement with our socks and to create a strong connection to our eco-friendly mission, we’ve created a playful cast of characters that adorn all of our socks. The bright and bubbly cartoons are the perfect way to help adults start a conversation with their children about how to make a difference in the world. By sharing their story and showcasing the need to protect the oceans, adults and children alike can help to step up for tomorrow, today. 

    In our current product line, we have three different characters: Bobtopus the Octopus, Finley the Shark, and Bubbles the Whale. Each has its own distinct personality and story. We’re excited to announce that we will be releasing a second wave of products in late 2020. The new releases will also include new characters: Manny the Manta Ray, Shelldon the Crab, Nellie the Jellyfish, and Donna the Dolphin. 

    No matter which of our characters you choose, each pair of Socktopus Ink socks is working towards the same goal—building a brighter future for the next generation. Every purchase supports this mission and helps our customers make a difference in the effort against plastic pollution.